Richard J. Acton


DOB: 30/10/1992

POB: Scotland – UK

ORCID: 0000-0002-2574-9611

1 Current Position – MRC PhD Studentship (University of Southampton, 2016-19)

Project: Epigenomics of Human Ageing

Including examination of changes in tRNA gene methylation with Age and performing EWAS for Bone health outcomes.

Supervisor: Dr. Chris Bell

2 Previous Positions / Grants

2.1 BBSRC – Research Experience Placement grant (2014-06 - 2014-08)

Project: Deletion, 2-hybrid vector creation and crystallography of the Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus Bd1483 gene.

Supervisors: Professor Liz Sockett, Dr. Andy Lovering

3 Education

3.1 MSc - Bioinformatics and Systems biology (Birkbeck University of London, 2015-16)

Awarded With Distinction

Research Project subject: Differential Expression of circRNAs in daf-2 and daf-2/16 mutant C. elegans Neurons.

Supervisor: Irilenia Nobeli

3.2 MSci - Biochemistry and Genetics (University of Nottingham, 2011-15)

Awarded 1st Class with Honours Research Projects During this period:

3.3 A-levels (The Sixth Form College Farnborough 2009-11)

Subject Grade
Biology (A2) A
Chemistry (A2) A
Physics (A2) A
Maths (A2) B
Economics (AS) A
General Studies (A2) B

3.4 GCSEs (Frensham Heights School 2005-2009)

Subject Grade
Double Science (A*)A*
Maths A*
French A*
Photography A*
Design Tech(RM) A*
Art and Design 3D A*
Geography A*
English A
English Literature B

(Photography taken as an extra-curricular in 2007, French taken 1 year early in 2008)

3.5 Early life education

4 Publications


6 Conferences, Meeting & Workshops

7 Skills

Bioinformatics & Computer Programming Skills

‘Wet’ Lab Skills

8 Academic Society memberships